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Global Fintech Ecosystem Tour w/ FintechLab: Romania

In the second episode of the Global Fintech Ecosystem Tour, the Hungarian Fintech Association's brand-new webinar series, hosted by Mary Alcantara, we ventured into another exciting country's fintech ecosystem - this time, we were heading to Romania. 🇷🇴 Get to know the Romanian market with the guidance of Nic Marius Balaceanu, Founder & CEO at Lendrise, member of the board at rofintech (the Romanian Fintech Association) our "tour guide." A

bout the Hungarian Fintech Association: The Hungarian Fintech Association (HFA) is an industry association that unites all members of the Hungarian fintech ecosystem, from startups to mature businesses, as well as incubators and accelerators. Our goal is to help decision-makers, regulators and financial institutions to better understand the local fintech sector and its needs. Our vision is for Hungary to become an attractive country for fintech companies, offering growth and development opportunities.